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Steve is a USAT Certified Race Director, USAT Level 1 Certified Coach, is adult CPR/AED certified, and is a Florida Registered Pharmacist. He is a member of the Manasota Track Club and is a founding member of the Sarasota Storm Tri Club, serving as a 2 year President, currently Vice-President, and board member since 2005. A 3x Ironman, Steve has 10 years of triathlon and open water experience both racing and organizing, coordinating swim courses for Rev3, Pan American Masters Swimming, Tropical Splash, Florida International 

Steve Butler - Race director

David Miner - Owner, race director, clinic instructor

Our open water races are designed to challenge and encourage swimmers of all ages to get out and swim in the open water. With safety as our primary concern, our open water races are extremely organized, a lot of fun, and offer you a chance to swim without limits. Check out our events and plan your next challenging open water event.

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David is a USMS member and a Masters Level 1, 2, and 3 certified coach, ASCA member and Masters coach, NAUI Certified Dive Master, and Adult CPR/AED certified. David is the head coach for the Sarasota Y Shark Masters Swim Team and is the Florida LMSC Open Water Chairperson. He is also a race director for the SYSM's Tropical Splash open water race.

Swimming in many open water races in Florida, Tennessee, Hawaii, Bermuda, St. Croix, Chicago, Puerto Rico, including multiple 12.5-mile, 10-mile, multiple 10K, 5K, and 2.4 mile swims, David's passion for the open water only grows. As a member of USMS and the Sarasota Y Shark Masters swim team, David spends many days in the water training with other great swimmers.

Founder and race director, clinic instructor/ videographer, David Miner has been swimming in some capacity his entire life. With a broad passion for swimming in the open water, and knowing how technique-driven good swimming is, he saw a need for both open water swimming races and instruction and swim stroke video taping to help a swimmer learn good stroke technique.

Our clinics are designed for everyone of all ages and abilities. You don't have to be an experienced swimmer to take our clinics. If you're just getting started in open water swimming or triathlon, our "Swim Into Open Water" clinic is for you. Want to perfect your freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly stroke, let us video tape you swimming the strokes, which you get to keep and can use with your coach to help perfect your technique.

Swim Without Limits, Inc. features premiere open water swimming races and strives to help swimmers become better swimmers in both the open water and the pool. Our races are designed to challenge swimmers but are also set up to be extremely safe and provide maximum fun. Taking one our clinics allows you to improve your swimming and get to a point where you're swimming without limitations, having better results, and having more fun. We're here to help you become a better swimmer and reach your swimming goals.


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Triathlon, Pan American Triathlon Confederation and Nathan Benderson Park, and is the Race Director for the Storm Challenge & “The Island Mile”, Siesta Key Triathlon, and Rev3 Florida Kids Triathlon and will be working with Challenge Americas. Husband to Agnese, a 3x Olympic Swimmer, and father to their son Lance, Steve is an avid kayak fisherman, growing up in Ohio and moving to Florida in 1996. His open water passion is in organizing safe, accurate and world class swim courses.