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​Swim Clinics

Photo: Mike Carbonaro


Coaching & Instruction

All sessions 45-60 minutes

single coaching session

  • Private 1-on-1: $45 per hour
  • 2-person group: $60 per hour for group
  • 4-person group: $80 per hour for group
  • Marvin Klein (new triathlete): "I want to thank you again for an excellent few weeks of coaching. Not only did my technique improve by leaps and bounds, but it seems like you thought about all the little details: running into and out of the water, positioning myself at the start, buoys, sighting, practicing with a cap, swimming circles around me in the gulf. All those things definitely made a difference and I felt totally comfortable when it came to race day."
  • Gudrun Morgan (Masters swimmer): "I've learned so much in our sessions and try to incorporate the various techniques...one at a time. That's the hard part. I'm halfway down and the  gears starts shifting to, " oh my gosh,  I need to reach for that pull up bar or keep half of my face in the water when getting that quick breath, keep my elbows high "and on it goes. Seriously, it's been a pleasure and a great investment in my quest to become a better swimmer. Thank you so much! You are a stellar instructor! "


multiple coaching sessions

Four sessions package (1-2 per week)

  • Private: $180
  • 2-person group: $120 per person
  • 4-person group: $80 per person

Six sessions package (1-2 per week)

  • Private: $270
  • 2-person group: $180 per person
  • 4-person group: $120 per person

Eight sessions package (1-2 per week)

  • Private: $360
  • 2-person group: $240 per person
  • 4-person group: $160 per person

About the coach

Coach David Miner is a USMS member and a Masters Level 1, 2, and 3 certified coach, ASCA member and Masters coach, open water coach, NAUI Certified Dive Master, and Adult CPR/AED certified. David is the head coach for the Sarasota Y Sharks Masters Swim Team, and is the Florida LMSC Open Water Chairperson. He is also a race director for the SYSM's Tropical Splash open water race.

Swimming in many open water races in Florida, Tennessee, Hawaii, Bermuda, St. Croix, Chicago, Puerto Rico, including multiple 12.5-mile, 10-mile, 9-mile, multiple 10K, 5K, and 2.4 mile swims, David's passion for the open water only grows. As a member of USMS and the Sarasota Y Shark Masters swim team, David spends many days in the water training with other great swimmers.

Pay for your package of sessions up front and receive a 10% discount!

Stroke Technique coaching and instruction: Are you looking to improve your stroke technique to become more efficient and have more endurance for triathlons, open water races, pool swim meets, or for your fitness swimming? Swimming freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly well require exceptional technique and practice.

Open Water coaching and instruction: Do you need to get comfortable and learn how to swim safely and effectively in the open water? Sighting, going around buoys, swimming in a pack of swimmers, where to start, how to swim straight, etc. are all skills that must be mastered to safely and effectively swim in the open water whether during a triathlon, open water race, or when fitness swimming.

If so, we can help you! Our private and group sessions last one hour and can be purchased as a single session or in packages of 4, 6, or 8 sessions. Groups can be either two people or four people. Typically, sessions are either one or two times per week depending on your schedule. We also have a stroke video option so that you can see your stroke on video and have it reviewed.

Coaching & Instruction

TAKE YOUR SWIM STROKES and your open water skills TO THE NEXT LEVEL

video analysis of your stroke

Let us video your stroke from both above and below the water and then sit down and review it with you. Swimming freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly well require exceptional technique. Just hearing your coach describe the correct technique can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. By having your strokes videoed, you can see your technique from above and below the water. This is a great way to see your stroke in HD video where we slow it down frame-by-frame for an in-depth stroke analysis.

We video your stroke from the front, back, and side in the water and from the front and side above the water. The video we shoot of your strokes is provided to you on a USB flash drive that you get to keep. We shoot HD video in MP4 format that can be played in Quick Time or Windows Media Player. Shooting at 125 frames per second (FPS), the videos can be played in slow motion so that you can see your stroke technique frame-by-frame. Having the video files for yourself, not only can your coach review your swim strokes but you can review them as often as you like on your own computer or send the video files to other coaches of your choice for their review.

Only $55 per person for two strokes or $90 for four strokes  (includes the video and the stroke analysis)

Looking for a clinic version for your team or group, please contact us to set something up.

Photos: Mike Carbonaro