How the clinics work

We offer our open water clinic through a few different options. See each option below and let us know if you have any questions.

Coach/club/team sponsored clinic: Coaches/clubs/teams can sponsor our clinic at your location using either a pool or actual open water location. We come to your team/club. The cost is $79 per person with a built-in profit share for the coach/host team. Give us a call or send us an email for complete details. We would love to work with your team/club providing members a great open water clinic!

Pre-race event clinic: This is an in-water only clinic (no classroom) for race directors looking to provide their racers  open water skills training prior to their open water race or triathlon. Pricing and structure is based on the location, number of students, etc. Race directors should contact us to work out the details for their event. We would love to provide your racers an in-water learning experience prior to a race!


Swim Into Open Water Clinic

basic to intermediate level
open water swimming training

Begin or grow your open water swimming experience by taking one of the most thorough open water training clinics available today! Taking both a classroom and in-water approach, you'll learn the skills necessary to swim safely and effectively in the open water, whether you're swimming for fitness, in open water races, or participating in triathlons. From beginner open water swimmers to the more experienced, our clinic provides valuable skills and important information for you to swim faster, more safely, and to have more fun in any type of open water swimming event.

Swimming in the open water is vastly different than swimming in a very controlled environment like a pool. The open water environment brings with it many different characteristics that a swimmer must understand, be aware of, and accept. Our course takes you through everything you need to become a better open water swimmer and teaches you what to do to overcome those anxieties and fears associated with swimming in the open water.

Whether you're a pool swimmer looking to swim in the open water, a current open water swimmer, or a triathlete, this 3.5-4 hour course takes you through everything you need to become a better and safer open water swimmer. Take a look at the course outlines below for details.

Classroom course outline:

  • Getting started in open water swimming
  • The open water environment
  • Overcoming/coping with anxiety/panic in the open water
  • Safety guidelines
  • Equipment for open water swimming
  • Swimming techniques
  • Choosing the right open water event/race
  • Training
  • Racing

In-water course outline:

  • Race starts and finishes

​             ​- Lining up on the beach (beach starts)

             - Running into shallow water

​             - Dolphin diving in shallow water

​             - In water starts

  • Swimming in the open water

​​             - Bilateral breathing practicing

             - Swim straight drill

             -  Head up drill

             -  Sighting swimming freestyle and breaststroke

             - Swimming with a pack

  • Buoy turns and drills

​​             - Normal swimming turn

             - One hand rudder turn

             - Body rotation turn

             - Buoy turns swimming in a group

  • ​Safety techniques (getting help)
  • ​Race finishes

​             - In water and on dry land

  • ​Trying a SafeSwimmer float

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